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Zoë Furlong


Zoë Furlong was born in Seattle in 1991 and remained in the Pacific Northwest until moving to the East Coast to attend Dartmouth College. Although her interests vary widely, she was always particularly passionate about film ever since making her first home movie, "Jamie Bond", when she was eleven. She continued making films with friends throughout her childhood, and began working at Seattle film and media nonprofit Longhouse Media in high school. Through her experience here, she became involved in 48-hour Youth Filmmaking Experience SuperFly and worked on the set of the 2013 film Winter in the Blood


While attending Dartmouth, Zoë studied in many different fields, including Anthropology, Philosophy, Native American/Indigenous Studies, English Literature, Design Thinking, Animation, and Film Studies. 


During her senior year, while taking a class on Gothic Literature, she began developing the idea for "The Monk." Learn more about the inspiration for this unique film in the "Inspiration" tab above. 


She currently works at a video production company in Burlington, Vermont.


You can view some of Zoë's other work here.



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